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Happy Independence Day!

Today is an important day in the establishment of the greatest country in world’s history. I count it an honor and privilege to be able to live here in the USA. Our freedom’s allow us to live, speak, worship, create, choose, and love freely, how awesome! Thank you constitution.

So this weekend, I hope you have a great weekend with your family and are even able to get out and enjoy our passion, mountain biking.

Have a great weekend!


Race Season Start! What’s your strategy?

Race season has started!

How is your riding and racing going so far?

Are you already enjoying the fruits of your labor over winter and spring?

This weekend was the first Big Mountain Enduro race in Snowmass, CO., USA. It’s a beautiful place in the majestic Rocky Mountains, just down the road from the infamous Aspen, CO., and was home to some serious racing!

We had our canopy set up to work with racers doing soft tissue therapy, Marc Pro recovery, KT Taping and offering spin bikes, LAX balls, foam rollers to help with, “athlete warm up and recovery!”

photo 1 photo 1-2

Unfortunately, our “coolest’ canopy, side walls and back wall didn’t show up in time, but we’ll definately have them for Big Mountain Enduro race #2 this weekend in Durango, CO.

So not only was it great to serve and meet so many athletes and clients I’ve never met, but I got to be with my family who I could distinctly hear every time I passed them! It’s always great to hear my two kiddos yell, “GO DADDY!” It’s very motivating!

So for day one, Saturday- Four stages / 16.7 miles / Total climb- 1810 feel / Total decent- 4776 feet, check out the map, snowmass1a.

Day two- Sunday- was Three stages / 17.26 miles / Total climb- 2130 feet /  Total decent- 7000 feet, check out the map, snowmass2.1d

This was two good, solid, tough days of racing that required much stamina, both physically and mentally, as well as consistency on staying on the bike for seven stages. Which brings me to my question for you…

“What’s your plan for your race, so you can accomplish your goals?”

I mean, I heard many conversations of racers who said things like:

  • “I only ate a piece of bacon for breakfast”
  • “I’m starving”
  • “Dude, I’m so thirsty”
  • “Man, I shouldn’t have drank so much last night”
  • “Darn, I didn’t bring enough food with me”

So do you prepare for your races? I was surprised how many riders seemed to just wing it when it came to bring prepared for this race. I mean, yes my Boy Scout nature is to be prepared, but especially when it comes to proper nutrition, feeding myself during races, and recovering using food and self therapy (all of which I’ve showed you guys on my YouTube channel and in my products).

So for Big Mountain Enduro #2 or your next Enduro race in your region, I ask you again, “What’s your battle plan?”

Create it, plan it, execute it. Hopefully you too will end up on the podium like I did this weekend!


Till next time, keep training hard and holler if you have any questions!

Don’t forget this technique to help with back pain and bike position

Hey gang!

This video, I continue the idea of teaching you ways for you to use self therapy to manage, or get rid of muscular low back pain.

Today we look at the groin muscles, which are often overlooked as a contributor to back and hip pain. Because the groin (they are called Adductors), attach to the bottom and inside of the pelvis, they can act as hip extenders, knee flexors and inward and outward rotators of the leg.

So try these two techniques to help keep your groin loose and pay attention to how it helps your lower back and overall hip function as well!

Oh, and don’t forget to post a comment!

DBL whammy! Low back pain tip that will also help you with your cornering!

Here’s another stretch to help you with low back pain, hip tightness, and hip impingement.

Grab a band and be sure to attach it to something sturdy. If you don’t have a “continuous” band, which is a band without handles, be sure to tie the band with handles- tightly!

This band, hip distraction stretch not only will help stretch out the deep and superficial hip muscles, with also help clear up some hip joint range of motion which will allow you to sit into your hip as you go barreling into corners!

This is also a great stretch to help with the overall ability to “hip hinge” which I’ve talked a lot about and our program, the Ultimate Enduro Training Program, addresses thoroughly.

Enjoy, and please share and comment how it helps you!

Enduro Cup- Race #1-2014- Moab

Finally! The Enduro season has started!

My first enduro of the year was yesterday, Saturday, May 3rd at the first stop of the “Enduro Cup” in Moab, UT.

Goals for this race:

  1. Place top 5
  2. Begin “race” power meter research
  3. Test “Skratch” hydration product
  4. Have fun!

I encourage you to make goals for each race you attend. They are important. It doesn’t matter what they are, but right them down and see if you accomplish them. One way to do it, and it’s what I recommend what all my athletes do, is to create a “race diary” where you keep all of this pertinent data. You know… goals, results, course maps, any race notes you have, links to pics or any youtube/ go pro video you created… all the info you can use the following year, and to help you fine-tune your training.

Now, for those of you who “know” Moab, you know that whenever you go there, it’s always special, no matter the reason or length of stay! I never tire of the beauty of the place, the attitude of the people and what’s it represents to us mtn bikers!

I excitedly left Denver on Friday at noon, got to Moab by 5:15pm, and promptly went to get my registration done so that I could grab a camp spot for the night.

However, one thing I learned on this trip… of the 15 years I’ve been going to Moab to ride and race, Moab is no longer the, “hippie town” it used to be!

It’s packed now!

Yes, they’ve done a ton to improve Moab, including: improved trial riding access, which has made it safer for us riders; a new “yuppyfied” look by updating many of the store fronts of the restaurants and hotels; but more importantly, with this growth, they simultaneously stepped up their game in creating almost 100 new miles of trails!

So, since all of this has occurred in the last 5 years, it’s also brought more tourism to the town, and this WAY more people! My recommendation, If you go to Moab from now on, make sure you have a plan for overnight arrangements, because after registration, I drove around the outskirts of Moab looking for a place to camp.

Moonflower campground, full. Cane Creek (which is usually open), full. All the campgrounds, full. Luckily I met up with Mike Day, who works with me at the Big Mountain Enduro, and he and a few of his buds showed me the “Willow Creek” camp area, which is a free, camp-where-you-want-to spot about 10 miles out of town.

Once I found they’re location, we had some good grub around the campfire, and called it a night.

Saturday morning, race day. Had a good breakfast, coffee, three organic eggs, banana nut granola, a banana and a bunch of water… a great way to properly fuel the body as a foundation for the day.

photo 1

After driving up to the Mag 7 areas and getting ready, it was time for the “old guy” group to roll out, of which I’m part of.

“OLD GUYS RULE!”  …  just saying :)

There was 18 of us in our class ranging from 40-57 year olds.

photo 2

The biggest bummer, thought, was once we completed the 15 min ride from the staging area to the start of stage 1, we had to wait almost a full hour to start stage 1 of 4. Fortunately, stage 1 had the most downhill in it, and that worked out well for me, although, as the day went on, the course became more flat, and my results varied:

  1. Stage 1- 2nd place
  2. Stage 2- 8th place
  3. Stage 3- 9th place
  4. Stage 4- 5th place

Add those together for the day, and I placed 4th overall, just 10 seconds behind my buddy Daniel Dunn from Enduro-mtb Magazine… darn it!

photo 3

Cool thing was, I know there were certain sections of “laziness” that I put in, so I know I could’ve podium’d if I were to have tried a bit harder! Good lesson on a ‘cross-country’ type enduro courses, “pedal your ass off!”

In the end, it was a great 30 hour Moab, enduro-race trip, and I’m excited about my results!

Here are some of the power meter reading from the respective stages:

  • Stage 1- Max power- 1139 watts/ MHR- 175 BPM
  • Stage 2- Max power- 1009 watts/ MHR 174-BPM
  • Stage 3- Max power- 858 watts/ MHR 174 BPM
  • Stage 4- Max power- 973 watts/ MHR 175 BPM

As I come into my power phase of my training over the next 4 weeks or so, I know these numbers will go up.

Ride on!

PS- if you want to take your game to the next level, check out