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Surviving the Holiday Madness!

This is one of my favorite times of the year.

The lights, smells, the Christmas tree, family, my kids on Christmas morning, giving gifts, delicious food, and yes… THE TREATS!


I must admit that I do let myself indulge a bit over the few weeks surrounding Christmas, but I do try to keep it under control!

Which leads me to my question for you. How well do you do over the holidays to control your eating and drinking?

If you simply enjoy a few treats and drinks “responsibly” without gaining more than a pound or two, then you’ve done a pretty good job. On the other hand, if you end up on Jan 2, 2015 with more than 5 pounds added to your belly, then you definitely went a bit overboard, and here’s why:

  1. Your digestion has changed. Have you noticed you haven’t been pooping as well as normal since your increase in sugar and alcohol? Now it will take extra effort on your part to get back on track and back to eating organic meats, veggies and fruits.
  2. Your energy levels have dropped. Feel sort of a “permanent” hang over type-of- feeling? You know, slow, lethargic. The ‘ol, “I wanna take a nap,” type of feeling? That, my friend, is your sugar regulatory system in crash mode! Not to mention, your body’s filtration system, the liver, is probably all taxed out as well.
  3. Training. Most likely, you’ve slacked a bit on your training, OR you’ve left the holidays for a “last-couple-weeks-of-the-year-blowout,” and are starting your training in January. Either way, it’s going to take a few weeks to get back to normal.

Ok, that type of reality can be a bit depressing, so let me provide you with some solutions to help:

  1. Drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water each day
  2. Before Christmas parties- come up with a plan and stick to it. I suggest drinking 8 ounces of water before the party to decrease your urge to pound down the hors d’oeuvres.
  3. Also- if you plan on drinking alcohol, be sure not to drink it on an empty stomach. Have some protein or fat to squash the rush of liquid carbs sailing down your throat.
  4. Give yourself a “treat limit” or a “drink limit” and stick to it.
  6. Stick to your training regimen, no matter what!

Lastly, have fun!

Hopefully some of these ideas can help you sail though the holidays without much trouble and leaves you ready to start training hard to get ready for the 2015 riding and racing season!

Merry Christmas from us here at Enduro MTB Training!


And so it ends…

Wow, that a year!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but honestly, it’s been crazy busy with travel, racing and work. Now, it’s finally over… the season that is!

We finished the Big Mountain Enduro series in Moab this last weekend with me on the fence on whether to race or not due to my recent knee injury. I was him-hawing back and forth, wondering what the best thing to do, was, you know something like this…

  • “Yes, it hurts, but I could do it, but a meniscus tear could turn into a full blown ACL”
  • “What would I say if one of my clients came to me and asked, “Hey Dee, I think my meniscus is torn in my knee, but I have the points lead and don’t want to give it up, what should I do?” I’d have to say, “I wouldn’t race, it’s to risky!”
  • “Oh, jeesh, just cruise down the course and pray nothing happens.”
  • “Dude you have to race, you’ll loose the overall”

You know, those crazy, internal story lines that are always going through your head when you are trying to make in important decision?

Well, we go to Moab on Friday with the forecast of no rain, then guess what happened on Friday night into Saturday morning… it absolutely poured! So much so that the BLM and Forest Service cancelled the race for Saturday and moved the “possibility” of running a modified race on Sunday depending on the weather outcome.

So, 7:30 am on Sunday rolls around and it’s a “go,” and the say we can only race the top stages which meant two short (8-10 mins stages a piece) from Burro Pass to the bottom and then stage two would be Hazard County to the road. A-ha! I could race after all!

So that’s what I did. I taped my knee up with KT Tape, took some Advil, put a supportive sleeve around my knee along with my knee pads and headed to the shuttle!

If you don’t know Burro Pass, it’s at 10,500 feet in the La Salle mountain range above Moab. It’s absolutely beautiful, especially with all the rain the day before. High alpine, roots, rocks, creek crossings, sticky dirt, slippery dirt, it was awesome! Check out some pics from Enduro Mountainbike Magazine photographer, Daniel Dunn,

Then is was on to Hazard County which was a single track flawy, pump style trail that was a blast! Only problem was the hissing sound coming from my front tire. I stopped, looked and it was nothing (how’s that anyway??), so I kept going… just had to loose some valuable time on that. Darn it!

Then came the fun part. I just came up to a guy, yelled, “pass,” and he let me go by while simultaneously my meniscus flap on my knee flipped up and shot pain through my leg! You can imagine a grown man yelling “ouch, ouch, ouch” all the way down the trail… well, that was me! Then, frustratingly enough, I caught the guy who left in front of me, and he wouldn’t let me pass! ARGH!

People! When you hear the words, “PASSSSS, PASSSSS” two to three times, GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY!

He led me into the finish line, WAAAYYYYY to slowly, but the good thing was as soon as I put my foot on the ground, that meniscus flap un-did itself! That was crazy!

So after all that, I was surprised and stoked to find out that I somehow limped my way to a third place finish and maintain the overall points lead, winning the 40+ division of the Big Mountain Enduro series and I couldn’t be more stoked (#thisstuffworks).

Third Place- Moab

Third Place- Moab


So, after all it’s said and done, a strong enduro season comes to a close. Now it’s time to see my orthopedic surgeon and see about some knee surgery action. May as well get it done asap and get to training for next season!

Remember the power of the gym and what posture, proper breathing mechanics, mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and power can do for your riding and racing! It CAN RADICALLY CHANGE IT!

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Happy Independence Day!

Today is an important day in the establishment of the greatest country in world’s history. I count it an honor and privilege to be able to live here in the USA. Our freedom’s allow us to live, speak, worship, create, choose, and love freely, how awesome! Thank you constitution.

So this weekend, I hope you have a great weekend with your family and are even able to get out and enjoy our passion, mountain biking.

Have a great weekend!


Race Season Start! What’s your strategy?

Race season has started!

How is your riding and racing going so far?

Are you already enjoying the fruits of your labor over winter and spring?

This weekend was the first Big Mountain Enduro race in Snowmass, CO., USA. It’s a beautiful place in the majestic Rocky Mountains, just down the road from the infamous Aspen, CO., and was home to some serious racing!

We had our canopy set up to work with racers doing soft tissue therapy, Marc Pro recovery, KT Taping and offering spin bikes, LAX balls, foam rollers to help with, “athlete warm up and recovery!”

photo 1 photo 1-2

Unfortunately, our “coolest’ canopy, side walls and back wall didn’t show up in time, but we’ll definately have them for Big Mountain Enduro race #2 this weekend in Durango, CO.

So not only was it great to serve and meet so many athletes and clients I’ve never met, but I got to be with my family who I could distinctly hear every time I passed them! It’s always great to hear my two kiddos yell, “GO DADDY!” It’s very motivating!

So for day one, Saturday- Four stages / 16.7 miles / Total climb- 1810 feel / Total decent- 4776 feet, check out the map, snowmass1a.

Day two- Sunday- was Three stages / 17.26 miles / Total climb- 2130 feet /  Total decent- 7000 feet, check out the map, snowmass2.1d

This was two good, solid, tough days of racing that required much stamina, both physically and mentally, as well as consistency on staying on the bike for seven stages. Which brings me to my question for you…

“What’s your plan for your race, so you can accomplish your goals?”

I mean, I heard many conversations of racers who said things like:

  • “I only ate a piece of bacon for breakfast”
  • “I’m starving”
  • “Dude, I’m so thirsty”
  • “Man, I shouldn’t have drank so much last night”
  • “Darn, I didn’t bring enough food with me”

So do you prepare for your races? I was surprised how many riders seemed to just wing it when it came to bring prepared for this race. I mean, yes my Boy Scout nature is to be prepared, but especially when it comes to proper nutrition, feeding myself during races, and recovering using food and self therapy (all of which I’ve showed you guys on my YouTube channel and in my products).

So for Big Mountain Enduro #2 or your next Enduro race in your region, I ask you again, “What’s your battle plan?”

Create it, plan it, execute it. Hopefully you too will end up on the podium like I did this weekend!


Till next time, keep training hard and holler if you have any questions!