This is the original strength and conditioning program for the enduro racer. Get a huge head start on your competitors and develop the speed and stability to power through technical lines and give you the highest chance to win races.

Use your offseason effectively to rebuild and restore your body’s foundation in order to prepare for the heavy lifting to come. Address underlying flexibility and stability issues and relearn movements with proper form to move more efficiently and with greater range of motion.

After building a solid foundation, you will shift into building strength and power over the second half of the program. This is where you’ll make gains to climb more efficiently, pump the trail, bang out corners and do it with confidence for long periods of time with less fatigue.

Did I mention injury resistance? One thing crucial to our sport is being able to limit body damage and increase healing times when it does go bad. Having a strong base of athleticism, muscle, tendon, ligament, and soft tissue density severely decreases your change to major injury.

Commit to spending six months working through this plan and earn the race results you know are possible. Sprint faster, flatten climbs and turn over gears with speed more than you thought possible. The crowd looks different from the podium.

Duration: 6 Months
Price: $99


You can do all of these workouts in limited space, even your kitchen!
If you have the basics for home training, you have what you need (besides a little creativity as well);
  • Exercise ball
  • Dumbbells
  • Foam Roller
  • Mix of bands with handles or old inner tubes!
  • Kettlebell or weighted home depot bucket even!
  • Suspension trainer or similar, even ropes or straps
  • Bosu ball or something to stand and balance on
If you have these pieces of equipment or common household items, you can be successful with your MTB training!

"I had not realized how tight and stiff I was previously riding. Just getting everything to loosen up a bit was huge. The biggest thing I noticed was my ability to correct and adapt when things were going wrong. I had so many close calls this year, moments when I should have been on the ground. Being strong enough and more mobile helped me to adapt quickly and stay off of the ground. One violent crash can ruin a season of racing, so the ability to ride stronger and prevent this from happening is priceless. I can honestly say that my training kept me from getting hurt on numerous occasions. Incorporating strength training into my routine was a huge benefit at the end of the day. Just being able to recover better and ride strong, day after day, made a monumental difference. I would highly recommend Dee’s guidance to anyone who is trying to take their racing or riding to the next level. "

-- Nate Hills – Purveyor of #followcamfriday at and multiple time winner of Big Mountain Enduro Series and other major enduro races in the U.S.






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