The Original Training Plan for Enduro Mountain Bike Athletes

This is the original strength and conditioning program for the enduro racer. Get a head start on your competitors and develop the speed and stability to power through technical lines and win races.

Use your offseason effectively to rebuild and restore your body’s foundation in order to prepare for the heavy lifting to come. Address underlying flexibility and stability issues and relearn movements with proper form to move more efficiently and with greater range of motion. After building a solid foundation, shift into building strength and power over the second half of the program. This is where you’ll make gains to climb more efficiently, push out of corners with confidence and tackle straightaways faster than lightning.

Commit to spending six months working through this plan and earn the race results you know are possible. Sprint faster, flatten climbs and turn over gears with speed you never imagined possible. The crowd looks different from the top step of the podium.

Duration: 6 Months
Price: $99


“I have been racing mountain bikes for nearly 10 years, and Enduro MTB Training has helped bridge the gap from training just for fitness to training to be a stronger, more capable all-around rider. Enduro racing is one of the most complicated disciplines to train for, plan for and race strong day in and day out…Enduro MTB Training has brought together a training solution that addresses all of these aspects in one program that easily adapts to my busy lifestyle and work…it keeps the rubber side down and me injury free, which is half the battle to a successful race season.

— Sarah R. – Owner of Vida Mtb MTB Clinics Series for women,

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