90 Days to Race Ready

Coach Dee’s  90 Days MTB Pro starts right in with mountain bike specific strength training work. This plan is recommended for riders who are already comfortable in a gym environment looking to make gains in the gym and on the trail in a short period of time.

Take control of your riding season and shift your thinking from “going to the gym to workout” to “going to the gym to train.” With this gym tested and trail proven plan, earn your KOMs, crush the downhills with speed and tackle big hits with confidence.

Although there are no shortcuts in preparing for race season, if you’re staring at the calendar with races coming quickly, Coach Dee has built this program for you. Training with intention and purpose will give you a leg up on your competition to earn your results.

Duration: 90 Days
Price: $47





You can do all of these workouts in limited space, even your kitchen!
If you have the basics for home training, you have what you need (besides a little creativity as well);
  1. Exercise ball
  2. dumbbells
  3. Foam Roller
  4. Mix of bands with handles or old inner tubes!
  5. Kettlebell or weighted home depot bucket even!
  6. Suspension trainer or similar, even ropes or straps
  7. Bosu ball or something to stand and balance on
If you have these pieces of equipment or common household items, you can be successful with your MTB training!

“2017 was my third year working with Dee and Enduro MTB training, and it was far and away my best season to date! Working full time with a family, training time is limited, and having a program that is precise and to the point maximized my potential. When your competing at the highest level you need a program and a coach that provides no second guessing, and that program is Enduro MTB training and that coach is Dee Tidwell. “

— Chris Heath – Yeti/Fox Factory Team racer and 2nd place overall in Big MTB Enduro series

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