And so it ends…

Wow, that a year!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but honestly, it’s been crazy busy with travel, racing and work. Now, it’s finally over… the season that is!

We finished the Big Mountain Enduro series in Moab this last weekend with me on the fence on whether to race or not due to my recent knee injury. I was him-hawing back and forth, wondering what the best thing to do, was, you know something like this…

  • “Yes, it hurts, but I could do it, but a meniscus tear could turn into a full blown ACL”
  • “What would I say if one of my clients came to me and asked, “Hey Dee, I think my meniscus is torn in my knee, but I have the points lead and don’t want to give it up, what should I do?” I’d have to say, “I wouldn’t race, it’s to risky!”
  • “Oh, jeesh, just cruise down the course and pray nothing happens.”
  • “Dude you have to race, you’ll loose the overall”

You know, those crazy, internal story lines that are always going through your head when you are trying to make in important decision?

Well, we go to Moab on Friday with the forecast of no rain, then guess what happened on Friday night into Saturday morning… it absolutely poured! So much so that the BLM and Forest Service cancelled the race for Saturday and moved the “possibility” of running a modified race on Sunday depending on the weather outcome.

So, 7:30 am on Sunday rolls around and it’s a “go,” and the say we can only race the top stages which meant two short (8-10 mins stages a piece) from Burro Pass to the bottom and then stage two would be Hazard County to the road. A-ha! I could race after all!

So that’s what I did. I taped my knee up with KT Tape, took some Advil, put a supportive sleeve around my knee along with my knee pads and headed to the shuttle!

If you don’t know Burro Pass, it’s at 10,500 feet in the La Salle mountain range above Moab. It’s absolutely beautiful, especially with all the rain the day before. High alpine, roots, rocks, creek crossings, sticky dirt, slippery dirt, it was awesome! Check out some pics from Enduro Mountainbike Magazine photographer, Daniel Dunn,

Then is was on to Hazard County which was a single track flawy, pump style trail that was a blast! Only problem was the hissing sound coming from my front tire. I stopped, looked and it was nothing (how’s that anyway??), so I kept going… just had to loose some valuable time on that. Darn it!

Then came the fun part. I just came up to a guy, yelled, “pass,” and he let me go by while simultaneously my meniscus flap on my knee flipped up and shot pain through my leg! You can imagine a grown man yelling “ouch, ouch, ouch” all the way down the trail… well, that was me! Then, frustratingly enough, I caught the guy who left in front of me, and he wouldn’t let me pass! ARGH!

People! When you hear the words, “PASSSSS, PASSSSS” two to three times, GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY!

He led me into the finish line, WAAAYYYYY to slowly, but the good thing was as soon as I put my foot on the ground, that meniscus flap un-did itself! That was crazy!

So after all that, I was surprised and stoked to find out that I somehow limped my way to a third place finish and maintain the overall points lead, winning the 40+ division of the Big Mountain Enduro series and I couldn’t be more stoked (#thisstuffworks).

Third Place- Moab
Third Place- Moab


So, after all it’s said and done, a strong enduro season comes to a close. Now it’s time to see my orthopedic surgeon and see about some knee surgery action. May as well get it done asap and get to training for next season!

Remember the power of the gym and what posture, proper breathing mechanics, mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and power can do for your riding and racing! It CAN RADICALLY CHANGE IT!

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