Bike Parts and Body Parts

Question for you…

Whether you already own your dream bike or you purchase a new one,  how do you know it will perform it’s best?

Write ups? Pinkbike review? Friends recommendation? Bike shop salesman?


Let me ask the same question about your body and it’s ability to perform for you when you ride or race… how do you know how it will peform?

Latest internet workout? Crossfit (shivers)? Your doctor? Your high school sports coach?

Well in both scenarios, the best way to determine how well each will be able to handle the rigors of riding and racing is:

#1- For your bike, we all have to assume that your frame and parts are designed specifically to handle the demands of off road riding.

#2- For your body, we also assume that God knew what He was doing when He created us. Our bodies are, in no better terms, a miracle at every level. And if you’ve studied like I have, you know how truly amazing it is and what it’s capabilities are!

Ok, so with those presumptions out of the way, let’s focus on the body and use the bike pics below to make an argument.

First and foremost, in order to determine how to increase your athletic output, you must test/evaluate to identify how well it works in the first place.

In the two pictures below I have Enduro MTB Training pro enduro client, Nate Hills’ (purveyor of the infamous Youtube channel #followcamfriday) Yeti Cycles SB55. If you don’t know, it’s a beast! I know ’cause I ride and race it absolutely lives up to that ‘beast’ description!

What you see is in the first picture is his SB55 in it’s full working condition and the second is the same bike with all it’s parts before assembly.












Why is this important?

Simple. In order for his completed bike to work as created and intended, all the parts must work in harmony to allow for 100% of the bikes performance to be expressed.

Here’s the irony, the body works basically the same way!

And that’s where and how I make better mountain bikers and how you can make yourself better too.

It all starts with a physical evaluation of the entire body and how it moves, but we also need to assess specific areas of the body too. This is how I determine exactly where weaknesses lie. It allows me to accurately know what’s tight, what’s not moving optimally.

This is like thoroughly reviewing a design schematic for a new bike design. You go through it very carefully to see where weaknesses or flaws exist that may “make or break” the bike.

The body is the same way. Once I’ve determined a riders weaknesses, I create a program designed specifically address that riders need and desire to improve or perform at the highest level of their capabilities.

This is how great athletes are made.

A specifically tailored approach to success, one step at a time and with answers. What do answers have to do with it? Answers are the solutions provided for the questions of why something is weak or tight or dysfunctional. Every trainer or coach should always be able to answer ANY question to why their client is doing a specific exercise during any portion of their path to improvement.

Look, any dope can make a workout, but it takes skill to create a program, and trust me, my industry is FILLED with dopes, and everyday contribute to the increasing number of people hurting themselves in pursuit of loosing weight, looking better or winning races.


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