Coach Dee’s Christmas List

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This is my Enduro MTB Training Christmas Gift Giving Guide with great gift ideas for yourself or that special mountain biker in your life!
I'm highlighting these products and services because I use them and believe they are worthy of any mountain biker having them in their "toolbox" so-to-speak. Save yourself some time from the checkout lines and bring stoke and cheer to you or your favorite mountain biker!

Give the gift of training!


My MTB Strong program is designed for the all-arounder. You're mostly a recreational rider but thinking about racing. You'll gain fitness, strength, speed and power and be ready for riding season.

I'm happy to providde a GIFT CERTIFICATE for you to give MTB Strong or any of my other programs as a gift!


RipRow - THE hottest new MTB and fitness/training machine around!

This, as a racer and a trainer of 25 years is FINALLY serving one of the biggest needs in both industry's... a Push-Pull machine! 

The Rip Row will single handedly change your mountain biking forever!

Click on image, then Use EMT5 at checkout to save $50! 


Spintertainment: MTB specific riding training videos!

Spintertainment is authentic mountain bike spin videos for indoor training, entertainment & motivation. We document every foot of the best mountain bike trails in the world start to finish!


ANCORE TRAINER: Need a mobile cable unit for your home gym?


No matter if you’re training to race or just be fit, ANCORE helps athletes of all kinds to train without limits.

Be sure to use code ENDUROMTB at checkout for free shipping!


Yeti Cycles: Besides making the best MTB's in the world, Yeti has some of the best cold weather riding gear around. 

A perfect gift for the winter riding athlete!


Enduro Bites: These is my on trail food of choice and "Beta Red" works exceptionally well to reduce leg burn and extend your rides and performance!

All of the Enduro Bites delicious flavors are free of common allergens such as dairy, tree nuts, soy, and wheat (including gluten) so you can perform your best. 

USE CODE "deetidwell" at checkout to get 20% OFF any product!


Marc Pro: I've used this for training and racing recovery system for the last five years and IT WORKS SO well for recovery and pain! 

This should be in your "toolbox" of recovery tools! 

USE CODE "ENDUROMTB" at checkout to get 10% OFF any product!


Ryno Power: Hands down the best recovery and hydration products around! 

I use the Recovery protein powder, BCAA's and hydration mix.. oh and the "Pre Race Packets" work exceptionally well for those long days or race days!

USE CODE "ENDUROMTB" at checkout for 20% OFF all your orders!


Vida MTB Clinics: My friend and client, Sarah Rawley, owns the premier women's MTB skills clinics in the country! 

Men! Get this for your wife or girlfriend for Christmas, they will LOVE it!

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