Doing ordinary things to create Greatness on and off the bike


I hope you are enjoying the end of summer and our slide into fall!

I was talking to one of my racers today and thought it’s a good time to prick your brain with this topic and that’s a regular thing I talk to my athletes and personal coaching clients about which is being “ordinary vs extraordinary.”

I think you’d agree that most of us have a desire to do our best in life not matter the task at hand. But don’t you think it’s difficult to do your best when you lack knowledge or have a blueprint to follow?

I personally find when structure, direction, instructions or education are involved to lead me down an otherwise murky path, it helps to have guidance to provide the clarity I need to help really put my best foot forward. This is why all of my mtb programs, whether online or personal, all have extensive structure. There isn’t guess work.

Guess work is given to people by amateurs but skill work is created and taught to people by professionals.

So when I’m talking with my kids, my clients, or coaching pro/elite level athletes, I constantly encourage them by saying,
“I don’t need you to do extraordinary things, I need you to do ordinary things extraordinary well.”

Here’s why…

You can’t rush greatness.

To create greatness, it must start with a strong foundation. In order to develop strength, power and top-level performance, you must have a stable, well moving base to be able to build strength, power and high-level performance on top of. I call this the “Corrective” phase and all my clients move in and out of these types of programs during the year. It allows us to focus on weaknesses, tightness, instability and other physical variables for a time period which creates an environment for change,

HOWEVER! Corrective phases to greatness can be mundane, boring and ordinary compared to high level phases of conditioning, BUT corrective phases are crucial to the success of the of those high level phases!

What this means is that I encourage you, in your training, to become really good at the ordinary so when it’s time to be extraordinary you can put forth your best effort with little effort!

So no matter your task in life or training period you might find yourself, if you do the “ordinary things extraordinary well,” I bet you will find your “greatness” just around the corner!

Keep after it!
Coach Dee

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