The eMTB Training Plan For You

Don’t let your fitness be the limiting factor to taking full advantage of your new eMTB. By building strength and improving your endurance, you’ll be able to ride extra laps, perform downhill laps going uphill and keep up with your bike’s ability to climb trails you never imagined possible.

eMTBs are 20 to 30 pounds heavier than your typical mountain bike. Are you physically prepared to pump, boost, pedal and jump that additional weight? Are you ready to manage the extra speed, which makes even flat sections and even climbs require more dynamic bike handling? With Coach Dee Tidwell’s
Ultimate eMTB Training Plan, you will be ready. Drawing on his experience working with some of the top motocross and mountain bike athletes, Dee is able to find the balance of strength and fitness to help you find the most enjoyment on the trail.

Whether you’re riding for fitness and fun or training for the challenges of eMTB racing, this plan will help you develop the stability, mobility, strength and fitness needed to take full advantage of your eMTB. Get plugged in, charged up and ready to ride.

Duration: 8 Months
Price: $99

You can do all of these workouts in limited space, even your kitchen!
If you have the basics for home training, you have what you need (besides a little creativity as well);
  1. Exercise ball
  2. dumbbells
  3. Foam Roller
  4. Mix of bands with handles or old inner tubes!
  5. Kettlebell or weighted home depot bucket even!
  6. Suspension trainer or similar, even ropes or straps
  7. Bosu ball or something to stand and balance on
If you have these pieces of equipment or common household items, you can be successful with your MTB training!

Thanks for the best preparation and training possible! The specificity of my training not only helped me recover from my injuries more quickly, it also allowed me to perform above my competitors all season long. You rock! Thanks for letting me do my best!”

— Missy Giove, Professional Downhill Mountain Biker – Team Global.

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