You Ready to GET FASTER for 2017?

I hope you are winding down from a great mountain biking season! No matter if you rode more than you ever have; participated in a race, or took an epic trip, I trust you and your bike were ripping it all summer long!

Not sure about you, but I can’t believe 2017 is right around the corner! My question to you is, ”Will it be your best riding/racing season yet?” Because it’s THAT time to make that decision!

You see, November is the time when mountain bikers like you should make your training plans for next years riding and racing season, by starting a structured, personalized and guided plan to help you achieve your goals for next year! 


My successful race season was due to many factors working together. Diet, rest, bike setup,  there are many pieces to the puzzle of success.
Incorporating strength training into my routine was a huge benefit at the end of the day. Just being able to recover better and rid
e strong, day after day, made a monumental difference. I would highly recommend Dee’s guidance to anyone who is trying to take their racing or riding to the next level. 

Nate Hills- 2014 Big Mountain Enduro Overall Winner/ 2nd 2015/ 3rd 2016

First though, I want to share one thing I noticed this year both at Big Mountain Enduro races and riding with different groups of friends, and that’s how their performance experienced a drop off beginning in the middle and especially toward the end of the season.

 I heard,

  • “Man, I’m just tired,”
  • “I wish I felt like I did back in June”
  • “These long rides are taking it out of me”
  • “My body just hurts”

And I saw,

  • Riders who were typically either faster than me or right behind me, weren’t.
  • Visible signs of fatigue
  • Injuries- nagging ones like arm pump, sore shoulders and knees or actual crash related impacts caused by fatigue
  • Decreased ability to recover from ride to ride and race to race

I’m a coach so when I hear these things, the first thing that comes to mind is overtraining.  What is overtraining?  Simply put, it is training too hard without adequate rest at the right time

What’s the biggest reason for overtraining?

In my experience, most of you tend to “over-ride” and “under-rest,” even the pros.

Most of you don’t have a plan for training so you ride as hard and fast as you can whenever you can.  The problem is, even though you think you’re getting faster, you’re actually not, and so your training becomes “just another ride.” And as much as you don’t want to hear this, riding alone WILL NOT make you a faster rider/racer per se’!

And why?

Two reasons: 1) You don’t have a plan to improve the way your body moves, and 2) you don’t rest enough.

Without rest (at the right time) your body doesn’t have time to rebuild itself to be stronger.  Rest just isn’t sleep.  It’s also something like doing an easier workout at the precisely right time, a.k.a., ‘active rest.”

My MTB Training programs are built around a system called “Periodization”.  This is a training calendar specifically created for you to follow that gives structure to your training and will optimize the stress of training with proper rest.

The problem is, many riders don’t know they should this type of training plan before and during the riding season.  They simply want to ride!  Who doesn’t, right?

But the problem still remains, overtraining and burn out.

Here are two riders who were struggling with overtraining injuries when I started working together with them.  This is what they have to say…

I really meant to take time to reflect on 2015 before it ended. .. but here we are, January 2016 already! Looking back, 2015 way out did any expectations. .. this time last year,  I was mountain biking carefully, wary of my still healing collar bone. Tentative didn’t even cover it!  I had started working with coach Dee at Enduro MTB Training, and was starting to build strength into my upper body. .. goals for the season ahead were to have fun and crash less, main goal was a crash free enduro!!lizzyp-2nd-place

However after a low key winter, 2015 was almost unbelievable.  Enduro season started tentatively in wet and windy conditions, but before long I had my first ever win …..I also completed a round of the EWS, and in spite of doing no traditional endurance  (long steady winter road miles) I also won 2 endurance xc events (7hr and 10hr)… strong muscles last longer!

The new found strength and shape (enduro body) was really producing results… so much more stable, flexible and tiring much less easily was producing amazing results … it was hard work, but fun, with different work out programs every 6 weeks to keep me interested and motivated…  It is true…this stuff works!!

Lizzy P- Scotland- amateur 40+ rider and enduro racer

After the 2014 season I was looking to take my training to the next level and try to compete at the top level of racing. I wasn’t quit sure if I wanted to commit to a training program for the next season but after I ended up in the hospital with a grade 3 lacerated spleen I knew I needed to do something to get back in shape. Making the choice to commit to Enduro Mountain Bike Training not only helped my recovery from the worst injury of my life but helped me get through a long season of racing injury free.  All the support from the training program has transformed me get mentally and physically stronger. The commitment has helped me grow as an athlete, win races and compete against the best in the world. I’m looking forward to another season of training to help me reach my goals as a pro mountain biker. Thanks for all your help buddy!!
Marco Osborne- Team Cannondale All Mountain- 21st EWS overall

As with Liz, Nate and Marco, there are many more testimony’s proving that I can help YOU not only take your riding to the next level, but help prevent early season “peaking” and end of season “burnout!”

I am Opening up my “Long Distance Personal Coaching” program.  Limited to ONLY 9 lucky riders!

This coaching plan is personalized. You will be working directly with me. The plan is dialed specific to your exact needs and tailored to all of your goals and events you have planned for the 2017 season. This personalization takes a lot of my time, which means I can only release 9 spots. 

A HUGE advantage of this coaching program is that there is no guesswork for you! All you have to do is follow your custom schedule and your results will explode!

Remember, I am not a web jockey trainer. I’ve been top three overall the last three years in the Big Mountain Enduro series in the 40+ division.

I work with real people, in a facility (not my basement). 

I train professionals and ‘regular’ people and have been doing this for 25 years. 

I see the results people get and adjust training for their needs.  This is what has made my business so successful.  All I have learned, and continue to learn, I get to put to use in all of my training products, my personal coaching clients get the BIGGEST benefit!

It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior, a beginner rider or a pro racer; I have a solution that is created exactly for you.

But you have to hurry to snag one of the 9 spots. The last time I did this, they filled up in less than 24 hours!


Check out the details:

You can sign up for a six month or twelve month plan.  SIX months is my minimum because It allows us to develop a strong relationship, a deep understanding of how your body moves and a dedication that helps you make big performance gains!

As a long distance coaching client, my #1 goal is to help you get the most out of your body to increase your performance. I use physical evaluations to accurately measure your current flexibility and strength, goals, a detailed history, and technology to help you personally succeed at your mountain bike related goals.

This is my most popular web based “personalized program” and everything is tailored to you and your needs… essentially if you do everything I tell you to, your pretty much guaranteed to succeed at becoming the best rider/racer you can be!

Here’s the “nitty-gritty” of what you get as a Personal Coaching Client:

  • Four to seven- one-on-one physical screenings (depending on length of coaching) if you are in the Denver area, and if you live somewhere else in the world, we use skype.
  • A new training plan delivered to your email box every four to six-weeks, using our video software system with a personal review session on Skype if needed.
  • Personalized workout manual that you can print out, with all stretching and workout routines detailed with the exact movements for you to see and follow.  Each is directly created from your personalized physical screening results
  • Nutrition plan- Know what to eat and when to eat.
  • All workouts are designed to incrememtally improve your stability, flexibility, joint mobility, strength and power over the length of your training. It’s called “progressive performance improvement.”
  • Soft tissue warm-up and recovery techniques
  • Pre-race (or ride) warm up routine
  • 30-minute phone call or Skype conference each month
  • Unlimited email and rider initiated communication
  • If you are in the Denver area and can travel to my facility, I will teach you the workouts in a one-on-one session in place of the Skype session).  You also can get $25 off soft tissue therapy at my facility.

I mean, seriously, check out this opportunity! I charge less than most “cardio-only” coaches, but more importantly, we are making you the best athlete you can be, and that’s where PR’s, KOM’s and radical improvement take place!

Choose one below and as soon as your first payment is received, you and I will get started toward making your 2017 THE BEST SEASON YET!

6 Month Investment- $249 per month

12 Month Investment- $239 per month



If you have any questions about this opportunity to take your riding to the next level, please email me at

I hope to be able to help you have the strongest, fastest and fun 2017 possible!


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