Let’s get the hips and ‘booty’ working better! Part 1

Heck yes I said “booty!”

It’s one of the biggest things we help our clients get back to functioning normal again, and a HUGE source of stability and power! In fact, did you know that most of you have weak/flacid glutes because of where you work?

It’s true.

The seated workplace is the biggest cause for core and glute weakness as well as the genesis for most back pain issues.

BUT (no pun intended)!

You can get your booty back, and all it’s power too! However, since our Ultimate Enduro MTB Training program deals mostly with getting more muscle and function back to the glutes, on these next videos, I want to focus more on:

  • Teaching you how the hips work and why they are so important to us
  • Decreasing and maybe even eliminating back and hip pain
  • Increasing hip joint range of motion
  • Re-educating the hip hinge pattern
  • Teaching you tips for your self therapy to help with all of the above

So if you know that your hips are tight along with your lower back, then click on the video and get to work!

Enduro MTB Training- Hip Self Therapy Tip #1 from Enduro MTB Training on Vimeo.

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