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Coach Dee’s MTB Pro Monthly Program is a year round approach designed to prepare you for maximum performance when it’s time to hit the trails and races. Progress through Coach’s Performance Pyramid developing your mobility and stability before advancing into building functional strength and power for your best performances. Why give up the off season gains by not taking time to do maintenance work in the summer?

This program is for you if you have a desire for fresh, new content on a monthly basis but are not able to commit to one on one training. You can expect two or three days of strength training work and two or three days of riding throughout the week depending on the time of year. Complete the mobility work and strength training in less than an hour per day as Dee guides you through this science based structured training program designed to optimize and maximize your time on the bike.

Strength training for mountain bikers is not limited to performance and riding gains; it is essential to injury prevention, as well. You will hear Coach Dee regularly say, “Weaknesses lead to mistakes and mistakes are when injuries happen.” Get started today and commit to yourself to have the best season yet by building a strong foundation, reducing the risk of injury, set personal bests and have more fun on singletrack than ever before.

You can do all of these workouts in limited space, even your kitchen!
If you have the basics for home training, you have what you need (besides a little creativity as well);
  1. Exercise ball
  2. dumbbells
  3. Foam Roller
  4. Mix of bands with handles or old inner tubes!
  5. Kettlebell or weighted home depot bucket even!
  6. Suspension trainer or similar, even ropes or straps
  7. Bosu ball or something to stand and balance on
If you have these pieces of equipment or common household items, you can be successful with your MTB training!

Duration: 30 Days
Price: $29/ Monthly Subscription

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Duration: 365 Days
Price: $275 – One Time Payment




“The comprehensive training that Dee provided allowed me to perform at my best while mitigating fatigue and potential injuries. Dee encouraged a focus on mobility, strength, and learning what worked best for me personally to create the best possible approach for my race preparation! Addressing my imbalances developed me into a more well rounded and healthy athlete than I had ever been able to achieve on my own. Thanks, Dee!

— Anne Galyean, Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team

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