MTB’er, will your ‘take-it-to-the-next-level-resolutions’ fail this year?


Yesterday I aksed you, “What are your goals for improving as a mountain biker and how do you plan to execute the completion of those goals?”

We’re you able to write any down?

If so, I say, “nice work!”

Now… the hard part.

It’s the part that contributes to most people failing to accomplish their New Year resolutions or goals they set this time of year; and it’s lack of planning.

As we know, it is crucial to create a “plan of accomplishment” right after creating goals. It’s also important to be thorough in creating the steps that will help you finish accomplishing your goals.

Since Enduro MTB Training is a mountain bike specific fitness, training and performance company, I assume you follow us because you desire to gain some knowledge of how to be a better mountain biker and enduro racer, right?


Because as I talk about the topic of goal accomplishment, it’s the one thing we do with every coaching client we have, no matter the clients’ goals, sport they play, or needs they may have, we help create plans with the assumption they’ll be completed!

I mean, everyone comes to us with different needs. Some come wanting to get out of, or reduce pain. Some come because they want/need more flexibility. Others are purely driven by performance. For all of them, we sit down, go over their goals, start at the foundation and work backwards.

As an example, if a mountain biker comes in with lower back pain, we are going to review their Client History and talk with them about their injury history. We will also perform a functional movement screen and assessment so we can see how well they move. We may also do some soft tissue therapy and will, most likely, refer them to one of our medical professionals for further evaluation.

It’s at this time that we will create a working schedule for them, again- working back from important performance dates if necessary, to show them the path to better performance.

I share that brief example with you, to encourage you to make a “plan of success” like we do with all our clients. Create steps that move you toward your goal every day, week and month till your goal is accomplished.

Because, unfortunately, it’s the lack of this planning that will lead to most people quitting the pursuit of their New Years resolutions by, on average, January 23rd every year!

So, I encourage you again, to sit down with your goal(s) and plan them out. Put structure to them, then persue that plan, because before you realize it, your goal accomplishment date will arrive and hopfully you’ll be able to celebrate the enjoyment of the hard work that you put in to “win” the goal you set out to achieve many months before!

Tomorrow, I’ll talk a bit more about planning a training schedule and how important it is to making you the best mountain biker you can be.

Coach Dee

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