Happy New Year- will this be your breakout year?


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!

I hope the Christmas season and holidays were good and safe time as well!

Since it is the 1st day of 2015, it’s the typical time of year to ask, “what are your goals for the year?” 

Generally I ask my clients that question and they’ll answer with a few different things they’d like to change in their lives, either personal, spiritual, work or family related. Some don’t know and others simply decide not to make new year goals.

In any case, I think the more important question to ask is, “…sounds good, now what’s your plan to accomplish those goals.” 

And that question is usually the one that most people don’t have an answer for.

So that’s simply my question to you today. What are your goals for improving as a mountain biker and how do you plan to execute the completion of those goals?

I’m going to ask the same question on facebook, so if you want to respond and share, please do!

Tomorrow I’ll talk briefly about why new years goals/ resolution fail before they even get to February.

Again, Happy New Year and thanks for being a valuable subscriber!

Coach Dee.


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