One BIG move that can dramatically help your riding!

I love researching.

Finding new information from smarter professionals than me is a treat cause not only do I get smarter, but you guys get to be the end beneficiaries of my “newly discovered research gems!”

Today’s video comes from a DVD I bought recently from Foundation Training. They have a great move called the “Founder” which I teach in this video.

The Founder is great because it wakes up the posterior extensor chain of our bodies, and after sitting on our butt all day long, we can all use a “booty wake up call” to get our butts, lower back and postural muscles back to work.

Here’s my challenge to you… do it everyday (even a few times each day) for 30 days straight and see how it not only changes your hip function and glute activation, but your posture and maybe even back pain as well!

I think you’ll dig the results!

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