Pinkbike article- “Garage Workout,” 10 exercises, 10 minutes- Upper/Lower Body

In our reality of staying at home as gyms are still closed, here’s a unique, “train live with coach Dee,” garage-training-series designed with “equipment” you can find around your garage, home and amongst your bike parts. Because if you’re like me over these last eight weeks your garage has been organized and re-organized a few times so I’m sure you’ll be able to find some of the items needed for these workouts! 

All you need is:
1- Bucket, small trash can or even suitcase
2- Some kind of weight like rocks, sand or water
3- 16-ounce water bottles
4- 36-ounce water bottles or milk jugs
5- inner tubes with old grips
6- Two pieces of cardboard 
7- Handlebars, stick or broomstick
8- Jumprope or rope

So click the link above and check out the videos, do the workouts and get ready to sweat and more fit!

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