Power comes from the gym and is fine-tuned on the bike- the Stages power meter experiment begins!

Stoked to announce a research relationship with Stages Cycling!

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My goal is to do a working research experiment on how the MTB Enduro athlete can benefit from gym training and the increase of overall power and other variables.

I believe Enduro racing creates two interesting combinations of athletes and that’s the XC racer/rider and the Gravity racer/rider. With those two different mountain biking modalities lies both strengths and weaknesses for each group as it relates to performing well in enduro. XC racers will do well on transitions and most likely struggle with the rigors and repetition of multiple DH stages. Gravity racers, on the other hand, will most likely do pretty well on the DH stages, but struggle to recover between stages, and also during transitions.

It is my premise that both sets of athletes can benefit greatly by an in-gym program that focuses on helping each of the athletes move better. Better joint mobility, muscle flexibility, postural stability, muscle growth and movement pattern development, strength and power. Noticing that each is preceding the other in foundational importance, I believe is how you close the gap between these athletes, as well as helping each one optimize their true athletic ability and potential both on and off the bike.


  1. To determine the results of gym based training effects on overall, “on-bike power capabilities for the mountain biker, particularly the Enduro racer.” My belief is that if an enduro rider spends quality time in a gym on our specific program, that they will gain an unknown power creation gain that will help them in the multi-stage and multi-day events of enduro racing.
  2. To determine if a gym-based program can help enduro racers recover faster between stages and between event days compared to non-gym training racers.
  3. To determine the overall heart rate/power output response for the DH stages and how they correlate to overall fatigue with and without the transition stages.
  4. Fuel management and power output. I want to see if I can draw a correlation between proper fuel management and recovery techniques and the overall ability to maintain power output, stage-to-stage and day-to-day.

Over the next eight months I will be using my Stages Power Meter (get one here!) combined with my Garmin 510 to train, ride and race to come up with real-world outcomes. Results are to be shared with Stages as well as the public and will be used by Enduro MTB Training and Stages to promote the benefits of using a power meter in their training, and to prove the efficacy of a gym-based program for cycling athletes.

Remember, you get it shipped right to your house and be using it in just 30 mins! Click here to head over to their website.

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