Your MTB Performance Starts Here With Any of Our World Famous Online Training Programs

There is no right or wrong training plan for you. You may benefit more from one plan over another plan I offer, but you won’t go wrong making a commitment to improving your speed, power and strength when it comes time to ride. Every program follows my “performance pyramid” where they each progress starting with mobility, flexibility and stability work before moving to strength and power development. Each program is unique in its structure and goals.

The most important factor to consider when picking one of my plans is your training goals. What are your goals for this season? Are you planning on racing and want to focus on explosive power or are you looking to improve your overall fitness with mountain biking being a core element of your fitness program? How much time do you have before riding season starts?

To start training with Coach Dee requires minimal equipment: exercise bands, a light and heavy set of dumbbells, an exercise ball and a foam roller for the most part. Not having access to a full squat rack and fancy exercise machines is no excuse to not be in the best physical shape possible. Each program includes downloadable PDF outlines of the workouts with thorough pictures and descriptions as well as video instructions to guide you through each movement.

With each program you’ll receive Coach Dee’s Nutrition Guidebook to help dial in your nutrition. You wouldn’t put 87 octane fuel in a race car so why would you do something similar to your body? 

You’ll also receive Coach Dee’s Riding and Racing Warm Up Guide to show you how to best get ready to ride before leaving the parking lot. It’s important that after you check your brakes, air up your tires and adjust your suspension, you spend a few minutes getting yourself ready to ride, too.

Every rider, whether new to mountain biking or a lifetime enthusiast rider,
can improve their strength and ability with Coach Dee’s instruction. 
Pick the program that is right for you to be on your way to being the best mountain biker possible.

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