Race Season Start! What’s your strategy?

Race season has started!

How is your riding and racing going so far?

Are you already enjoying the fruits of your labor over winter and spring?

This weekend was the first Big Mountain Enduro race in Snowmass, CO., USA. It’s a beautiful place in the majestic Rocky Mountains, just down the road from the infamous Aspen, CO., and was home to some serious racing!

We had our canopy set up to work with racers doing soft tissue therapy, Marc Pro recovery, KT Taping and offering spin bikes, LAX balls, foam rollers to help with, “athlete warm up and recovery!”

photo 1 photo 1-2

Unfortunately, our “coolest’ canopy, side walls and back wall didn’t show up in time, but we’ll definately have them for Big Mountain Enduro race #2 this weekend in Durango, CO.

So not only was it great to serve and meet so many athletes and clients I’ve never met, but I got to be with my family who I could distinctly hear every time I passed them! It’s always great to hear my two kiddos yell, “GO DADDY!” It’s very motivating!

So for day one, Saturday- Four stages / 16.7 miles / Total climb- 1810 feel / Total decent- 4776 feet, check out the map, snowmass1a.

Day two- Sunday- was Three stages / 17.26 miles / Total climb- 2130 feet /  Total decent- 7000 feet, check out the map, snowmass2.1d

This was two good, solid, tough days of racing that required much stamina, both physically and mentally, as well as consistency on staying on the bike for seven stages. Which brings me to my question for you…

“What’s your plan for your race, so you can accomplish your goals?”

I mean, I heard many conversations of racers who said things like:

  • “I only ate a piece of bacon for breakfast”
  • “I’m starving”
  • “Dude, I’m so thirsty”
  • “Man, I shouldn’t have drank so much last night”
  • “Darn, I didn’t bring enough food with me”

So do you prepare for your races? I was surprised how many riders seemed to just wing it when it came to bring prepared for this race. I mean, yes my Boy Scout nature is to be prepared, but especially when it comes to proper nutrition, feeding myself during races, and recovering using food and self therapy (all of which I’ve showed you guys on my YouTube channel and in my products).

So for Big Mountain Enduro #2 or your next Enduro race in your region, I ask you again, “What’s your battle plan?”

Create it, plan it, execute it. Hopefully you too will end up on the podium like I did this weekend!


Till next time, keep training hard and holler if you have any questions!

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