Let’s get the hips and ‘booty’ working better! Part 1

Heck yes I said "booty!" It's one of the biggest things we help our clients get back to functioning normal again, and a HUGE source of stability and power! In fact, did you know that most of you have weak/flacid glutes because of where you work? It's true. The seated workplace is the biggest cause for core and glute weakness as well as the genesis for most back pain
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Training and recovery for the beginner/intermediate rider.

Today begins a two part series aimed at training and recovery for the beginner/intermediate and elite rider. First up is the beginner/intermediate. Are you new to mountain biking? You could be brand new to the sport, or, as I would guess, a cycling athlete who’s moved from one segment of riding to mountain biking. Either way, welcome! There are definitely a few crucial fitness considerations you should
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DBL whammy! Low back pain tip that will also help you with your cornering!

Here's another stretch to help you with low back pain, hip tightness, and hip impingement. Grab a band and be sure to attach it to something sturdy. If you don't have a "continuous" band, which is a band without handles, be sure to tie the band with handles- tightly! This band, hip distraction stretch not only will help stretch out the deep and superficial hip muscles, with also help clear
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