Doing ordinary things to create Greatness on and off the bike

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the end of summer and our slide into fall! I was talking to one of my racers today and thought it's a good time to prick your brain with this topic and that's a regular thing I talk to my athletes and personal coaching clients about which is being "ordinary vs extraordinary." I think you'd agree that most of us have a desire to
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Self Therapy Tip #2- More hip, Lower back and Hamstring work

Ok, more education for you guys on the importance of taking care of the hips, and how. This video I go into teaching you how to use the Lacrosse ball to hit your other mobile segment that effects your hips, the Thoracic spine, as well as your lower back muscles and the top of the hamstrings. Enjoy! Enduro MTB Training- Self Therapy Tip #2- Hip from Enduro MTB Training on
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Let’s get the hips and ‘booty’ working better! Part 1

Heck yes I said "booty!" It's one of the biggest things we help our clients get back to functioning normal again, and a HUGE source of stability and power! In fact, did you know that most of you have weak/flacid glutes because of where you work? It's true. The seated workplace is the biggest cause for core and glute weakness as well as the genesis for most back pain
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