Training and recovery for the beginner/intermediate rider.

Today begins a two part series aimed at training and recovery for the beginner/intermediate and elite rider. First up is the beginner/intermediate. Are you new to mountain biking? You could be brand new to the sport, or, as I would guess, a cycling athlete who’s moved from one segment of riding to mountain biking. Either way, welcome! There are definitely a few crucial fitness considerations you should
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End of Season Fix #1- Low Back Pain and Hip care

Part One of helping your body recover from another rigorous riding and racing season. Learn how to address breathing issues that can create poor posture and low back pain as well as fixing some of the soft tissues issues of the glutes, hamstrings and hip joints. [embed][/embed]
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“Rebuild/ Restore” video #2- Ankles to knees and hips to knees!

Hey gang! Today is video #2 in the "Rebuild/ Restore" series, and we dive more into looking at the ankle - up and the hip - down. You'll gain more joint mobility in your ankles, knees and hips with some of the exercises I show you. After doing this for a while you will see that improvement in your ability to move better, but also it will show up pretty quickly
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