Self Therapy Tip- Hip #3 — Keepin’ after that booty!

Ok kids, on to Hip video #3, where this time I'm going to show you how to hit those upper hammies a little different using a bar and Lax ball again. Were also going to get into working out some of the junk hiding in your adductors (groin) muscles. So press play and get to work freeing up those hips! Enduro MTB Training- Self Therapy Tip- Hip #3 from Enduro MTB Training
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Self Therapy Tip #2- More hip, Lower back and Hamstring work

Ok, more education for you guys on the importance of taking care of the hips, and how. This video I go into teaching you how to use the Lacrosse ball to hit your other mobile segment that effects your hips, the Thoracic spine, as well as your lower back muscles and the top of the hamstrings. Enjoy! Enduro MTB Training- Self Therapy Tip #2- Hip from Enduro MTB Training on
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Let’s get the hips and ‘booty’ working better! Part 1

Heck yes I said "booty!" It's one of the biggest things we help our clients get back to functioning normal again, and a HUGE source of stability and power! In fact, did you know that most of you have weak/flacid glutes because of where you work? It's true. The seated workplace is the biggest cause for core and glute weakness as well as the genesis for most back pain
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DBL whammy! Low back pain tip that will also help you with your cornering!

Here's another stretch to help you with low back pain, hip tightness, and hip impingement. Grab a band and be sure to attach it to something sturdy. If you don't have a "continuous" band, which is a band without handles, be sure to tie the band with handles- tightly! This band, hip distraction stretch not only will help stretch out the deep and superficial hip muscles, with also help clear
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Got Low Back Pain from MTN Biking? Here’s 2 Quick Fixes

If you struggle with low back pain from either riding or training, or even sitting at your desk all day, there are usually many different reasons as to why it could be taking place. I encourage all my clients, and have sent all my athletes over the years to Chiropractors, Physio's and Physical Therapists to get the care they need to maintain proper skeletal alignment and tendon and ligament health.
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