Part 2- Training and Recovery for the Elite rider/racer

Today I want to give you a bit of insight into training and recovery for the elite rider. In this case, I’m going to define an “elite rider” as one who is a sponsored mountain bike racer so I can give you a glimpse of that world that many don’t get to peak into. First things first. I want you to remember this section from part one in
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Watch my race run- BME Keystone stage 4- 2016

Check out my race run of stage four run at Keystone. First place to third was less than 1 second... maybe the last turn before the finish would've made the difference! Enjoy. [embed][/embed]  /   /
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Race Season Start! What’s your strategy?

Race season has started! How is your riding and racing going so far? Are you already enjoying the fruits of your labor over winter and spring? This weekend was the first Big Mountain Enduro race in Snowmass, CO., USA. It's a beautiful place in the majestic Rocky Mountains, just down the road from the infamous Aspen, CO., and was home to some serious racing! We had our canopy set
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