Part 2- Training and Recovery for the Elite rider/racer

Today I want to give you a bit of insight into training and recovery for the elite rider. In this case, I’m going to define an “elite rider” as one who is a sponsored mountain bike racer so I can give you a glimpse of that world that many don’t get to peak into. First things first. I want you to remember this section from part one in
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M.O.W.- Movement Of the Week- 5/29/15- Squat variation to help with posture and riding position

Hope you are enjoying early spring riding and you continue to prepare for the season by getting in your gym workouts! Remember, this is where you get flexible, stable, strong and powerful! Sooo... This weeks" Movement Of the Week" is about a squat variation that you can do at home or the gym and helps create better core and shoulder stability while promoting an improved squat patter- which most of
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