Valuable Partners That Help You Go Fast!

One thing I’ve been taught by my mentors is to surround yourself with partners that you can refer clients out to when needed. For example:

  1. You know we’re partnered with Big Mountain Enduro, as they are the best N. American Enduro race series, hands down! As well as Yeti Cycles, who make the best mountain bikes around and are dominating in Enduro specific bikes!
  2. I have four different Chiropractors on my team that I can refer out to when a client needs Chiropractic care.
  3. I have three different Physical Therapists
  4. I have two nutrition professionals I use. One , Kelli Jennings, specializes in endurance athlete nutrition at Apex Nutrition, and the other is a doctor based nutritionist.
  5. I’ve chosen Osmo Nutrition drinks for our drink recommendation
  6. And I am presently sampling on-bike food to recommend.

Today, I add another to the list, and that is, world-renowned, on-bike skills coach, Lee McCormack at Lee Likes Bikes.


Lee is considered one of the best skills coaches in the world, and his books are enjoyed by shredders worldwide. He and I are partnering to provide you with the best in fitness and skills training. Lee Likes Bikes + Enduro MTB Training = an unbeatable combo.

I encourage you to take a skills clinic with Lee and get yourself some of his books by going to our partners page.

Cause you see, now’s the time to be working hard in the gym and working on your skills, so that when summer rolls around, it’ll all get put together for some serious fun and all-around “kick-assery!”

So click here and go get you some skills training!

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