Will you be better this year?

This week it’s all about the “challenge.” Maybe you’ve seen it on Facebook? But my question is, “Will you commit to getting better this year?” Click here to watch the video.

I bring this up because recently, I’ve had numerous discussions with people about adaptation and how it’s the ONLY way that you can improve as an athelete, period.

Without it, you will continue to be the same. 

Really… do you want to be the same rider as last year, last week or be the same rider for the remainder of this year? 

For some reason, I seriously doubt it.

So let me expand a bit on this idea improvement through adaptation.

The theory of adaptation comes from Hans Selye’s General Adaptiation Syndrome (GAS), which was introduced in the 1930’s and explains an individuals ability to adapt to chronic stress.  

According to the GAS theory, the body goes through three different phases when subjected to a training stimulus:

  1. Shock- During the first one to two weeks, the body’s initial repsonse to training is negative and is marked by muscle sorness, stiffness and a brief decrease in performance.
  2. Resistance- During this time, the body adapts to the training stimulus by making physiological and mechanical adjustments that improve performance (aka- Supercompensation phase).
  3. Maladaptation- This phase is characterizes the results of performing a program that does not change. Improvement has stabilized, and performance may drop due to overtraining, boredom or exhaustion.

If this is true, then doesn’t it makes sense that you will have to do more than just ride your bike to improve?

You see, a well structured program will bring about the adaptations that occur during the first two phases while avoiding the negative aspects of the third phase! The name for this ‘structure’ is “Periodization Training.”

This is how we coach our athletes to success. Think of it as a specific plan created to control and guide you through the rigors of training, riding or racing.

All our plans include a periodization schedule including our newest “90-Day MTB and Enduro Training System.”

In each of the three programs included in this training system, you’ll see improvement! At the end of each program, the 30, 60 and 90 day mark, you’ll notice big changes on how your body moves, your cardio fitness, posture, and strength on the bike.

Since ALL riders and racers want these things, I challenge you to take the 90-Day MTB and Enduro Training System challenge! Buy this program for ONLY $49 bucks (less than a Maxxis tire for gosh sakes!) and if after 90-days your riding hasn’t improved, then I’ll refund your money!

Sound good?

Well get started then! Click here and get rolling! 

I’ll bet that by the time July comes around, you’ll be pinning it with more steaz, beating your friends and loving your new approach to riding!

Oh, and if you want to watch the Youtube video, check it out here.

Till next time, train hard, ride hard and enjoy life!

Coach Dee

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