Your Balls Are a Key to Your Success as a Rider/ Racer!

LAX balls

Hey now, don’t go there!

But its true. We need to play with our therapy balls everyday, and a lot! You see, when you sit all day long and then expect to go out and automatically start performing on your bike, you’re not thinking straight!

When you sit, your body’s facial system gets tight. Blood flow and circulation to the entire body and especially the trunk and legs, slow down. The same happens with your nervous system, which is what happens when all the sudden you start shaking your leg because it’s “gone to sleep!” Simply put, there’s nerve pressure.

When you apply this pressure for a prolonged period of time, you actually cut off communication from your brain to parts of your body. The pressure squeezes nerve pathways so that the nerves can’t transmit electrochemical impulses properly. Nerve impulses carry sensation information from nerve endings in the body to the brain, as well as instructions from the brain to the parts of the body. When you interfere with this transfer by squeezing the nerve pathways, you don’t have full feeling in that body part, and your brain has trouble telling the body part what to do.

Then, when you stand up, you re-activate the cells and nervous pathways that wakes the system up, and the sensation goes away.

Let’s do an experiment, and use the thing most of you do each day… sit.

I want you to add up the amount of time you spend sitting each day from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, and don’t forget anything. It may look like this:

  • Wake up, shower,
  • sit for breakfast- 15 mins.
  • sit in car in traffic for 38 mins going to work
  • sit at work- _____________ and plug in total
  • sit at lunch for _______
  • sit at work- _____________ for rest of day
  • sit in car, in traffic for 42 mins going home
  • sit at dinner- 28 mins
  • watch tv- _______
  • ADD it up _________

Does your answer startle you?

So now, you sit for, let’s say, 8 hours and 23 mins on average everyday. Yet, you expect for your body to perform and improve at it’s performance without doing “anti-sitting” and “postural reversal” stretching and exercises (like we have in the ultimate enduro mtb training program) like we’ve shown you on Face Book and here on the blog using the LAX ball.

I’m here to tell you that you need TO WAKE UP if you want to ride and race your best! You MUST take self therapy care of your self everyday! That’s why I call my videos “Self Therapy” videos, because that’s what they are.

Your balls have to become your best friend and it doesn’t matter if your a male or female!

So please remember that we will continue to put out elite level videos and products to help you be the best MTB’er and Enduro racer you can be!


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